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Construction Workers


Here we value our employees and take team work seriously here. As a company in order for us to move forward and grow we understand that every project and every construction company needs a team able and willing to do whatever it takes to finish the job. Here at Ron D this means having a strong companionship and coworkers who will be able to support you.


"1186 IBEW logo: Features the text '1186 IBEW' in bold font, possibly accompanied by imagery related to electrical work or th

Electrician – Get hands on experience as an Electrician in the Electrical Union! Our Electricians are apart of the IBEW 1186 and from day one get hands on experience installing all types of electrical devices as well as installing electrical circuits from the ground up! Are you a hands on type of person? Ask about this position today and get started!


Administrative Assistant – With almost thirty to fifty people on the field we need to process a lot of paper work in the office and turnover important documents to a number of agencies. To do this we need skilled men and women that are experienced in computers, organized,  and handling important documentation so we can get these turned in and support our guys out on the field. Are you the person everyone can count on? Ask us about this position today!


Project Manager- Construction projects have a life of their own sometimes and will progress accordingly sometimes with a numerous amount of problems, unforeseen circumstances, as well as accidents. You will need to be able to adapt to this forever changing and ongoing climate in order to meet company estimates and goals. You will be challenged on every project your are assigned to but many will rise to this challenge and meet it head on. Are you the type of person to not shy away from a problem? Do you enjoy the electrifying experience a project can sometimes offer? Apply today!


Estimator- Cost projection for an entire project is key when it comes to any construction project. You must be able to accurately estimate with current industry pricing as well project the future industry prices accurately with a small margin of error. This will test your business knowledge and field knowledge to its limits and you must be able to play the numbers game. Do you like to work with numbers? Contact us Today!

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